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Message of the Mayor

The Municipal Government of Culion welcomes everyone to its official website where one can take a glimpse of the town’s intrinsic beauty and investment potentials at your fingertips. Our website offers profile of the major tourist destinations of Culion with recommended tourist’s itinerary and costs. An introduction to our people’s culture and the rich history of Culion in the medical field will also be featured. We also invite would-be investors on possible opportunities of doing business in Culion where a wide expanse of land are still available for development. Viable investment areas will also be showcased in this website.

Culion is located in the northernmost portion of Palawan, acclaimed as one of the best islands in the world. Culion has it to become an emerging tourist destination in Palawan banking on its white and pristine beaches amidst serene and tranquil ambiance. We will walk you through with the rich history of Culion which once was thought to be a stigma for cuddling Hansenites (lepers) within Culion Sanitarium but later on made a breakthrough for developing the Multi-Drug Therapy which is responsible nowadays for the total eradication of Hansen’s Disease in the country.

The present administration of Culion is persevered to improve the socio-economic status of the people through its I-HEAL Program which we considered as our flagship platform. I-HEAL stands for Infrastructure, Health, Environment, Agriculture and Livelihood which we perceived as the prime movers of development and therefore must be given utmost priority in terms of funding and eventual implementation. We have prepared our town as a promising investment hub in Palawan. Major road projects are underway for better market access, easy and convenient mobility of the people. Basic social facilities like school buildings and health facilities are augmented to meet the present and future needs of the people. Power and water utilities, transport system and telecommunications, as the crucial component of a livable society, must be upgraded in collaboration with the private sector and the national government as well.

We welcome everyone to be part of making Culion as the best place to be for leisure, relaxation and doing business!


Municipal Mayor