rich and unique history of Culion

On May 27, 1906, two ships sailed, bringing 370 passengers from Cebu to their new home. But they were no ordinary ships, and they were no ordinary passengers. Aboard these Coast Guard cutters were the future inhabitants. Many of them were forced to abandon their lives and loved ones behind for a future in a place so foreign and isolated. Their destination: The Island of No Return — Culion.
Culion is a town small and very walkable. But it is big in history. This rich and unique history makes a walk along its streets a time travel — a trip into the dark and hopeful past. Culion Island has always been isolated, a distant, hardly accessible paradise. But isolation found another meaning in 1904 when an Executive Order was issued to create a leper colony in Culion, shutting it from the rest of the world. The patients became the first residents of an ordinary town built under extraordinary circumstances.
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